On-Site Service

Express packages are available to the public, granted interior is lightly soiled.


New Vehicle Delivery Detail

Detail a brand new vehicle?

We usually assume because a vehicle has just arrived to the dealership, that it doesn't need to be cleaned. But the vehicle is new, it shouldn't be contaminated, right? Well, our vehicles travel quite a ways to get to their final destination, which is the dealership lot. These vehicles are usually experiencing various weather conditions along the way, including environmental fallout. Dealerships aren't in the business of decontaminating vehicles before selling.

Infinity Auto Detailing, LLC extends our services to brand new purchasers, whether you're buying or leasing. Often when dealerships are in a rush to prep vehicles for sale, they tend to mar the paint removing various coverings and temporary applicators. We recommend setting up an appointment with us prior to taking delivery.

What's Included?

 ✓ Foam pre-soak to remove lose dirt and debris
✓ Thorough hand wash
✓ Two-step decontamination 

  • Clay bar treatment(mechanical method of dislodging embedded particles from paint)
  • Ferrous iron removal(chemical method of dissolving embedded particles from paint)

✓ Thorough wheel cleaning

  • Facing
  • Spokes
  • Lug Nut Recesses
  • Barrels
  • Wells
  • Tires

✓ Light machine polishing
✓ Pro or Diamond coating package

✓ Glass coating applied to all glass
✓ Removal of all interior protective plastics
✓ Interior coating application

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